Moving your office phone lines to the Cloud – Q&A

In the last few weeks many of our customers have been forced to close their offices and work from home, at an unexpectedly fast pace.

At this time, our customers have been relying on the flexibility of their phone system – allowing a move from the office to home working with minimal disruption.

The reason for this flexibility is that the Callwise phone system is based in the cloud and isn’t tied to a landline – meaning that no matter where your business or staff members are located, your calls can always be directed to you.

Here are a few questions we often get asked about migrating to a cloud based phone system such as Callwise.

“Will I need to change my phone number?”

No, your existing number can easily be ported over to Callwise, on a day and time which suits you. The porting process is usually instant and customers don’t experience any loss of service when calling your business. You can also add as many other numbers as you like from across the UK, and most of the world to give your customers a more local number for them to call if you have offices in many areas.

“Will it cost me more money?”

Usually not. A traditional phone system is now a vey expensive option in comparison to a cloud platfom such as Callwise. With Callwise you only need an internet connection to place and take calls, so your expensive landline or multi line ISDN connections can be cancelled altogether. We also have a simple pricing structure which gives you access to all of our features for a single monthly price. Our calling costs are also much cheaper than a traditional system, you can often even call internationally for the same price or less as you would call the UK!

“What happens if I decide to sign up to Callwise?”

The process is slightly different for every customer, but typically we would perform a survey to check the speed and reliability of your main internet connection. In 95% of cases no changes are needed, but occasionally we will recommend an upgrade. We then set up our new service for you using a temporary number so that you can configure things (like voicemail, incoming messages, call queues, call groups, direct dials) exactly as you need – and then finally we will port your existing number over to Callwise. When the port happens you will be migrated instantly to Callwise and can decommission your old equipment (if applicable). Simple!

“What happens if I don’t like your service?”

This hasn’t happened to us yet, but if for any reason you are unhappy then we will always let you leave with a simple 30 day notice period. We don’t believe in long contracts or tying customers down. We believe in the flexibility of the internet and the cloud, and giving that flexibility to our customers.

“What happens if I lose my internet connection?”

This is our favourite question to answer. If you lose your internet connection, you don’t lose your phone calls – we will still receive all calls to your number in the cloud, and we can seamlessly direct calls to apps on your mobile devices, directly to a mobile number or even to your existing equipment if you can find another internet connection to use (e.g. taking your phones home to use there)

“What if we need to change offices?”

As long as it has an internet connection, you don’t need to do anything other than plug your phones in at the new office and they will continue to work just as before.

“What about my voicemail messages/pre recorded announcements?”

If you have any voicemail messages or pre-recorded announcements on your old phone system, you can send them to us and we will upload them to Callwise so you can continue to use as you did before.

“Will there be any downtime if I migrate across to a Cloud based system?”

We plan all migrations with our customers, so that they experience no downtime. When your number is ported over it is an instant process, so we ensure that your Callwise service is ready as soon as your number port happens.

“Can I sign up during lockdown?”

The simple answer is, yes. We are performing virtual appointments at the moment, and we can ship, test and activate our equipment remotely.

“Is there anything else I should know?”

Maybe! Feel free to email us at if you have any further questions.