Business Owner or End User

In recent years personal phones have very publicly evolved from the Landline to the Mobile and now to the Smartphone. Are you aware that business phones have also undergone a similar evolution?

Having a modern business phone system no longer means expensive one-off hardware costs and huge monthly expense for multiple line rentals.

The increasing availability of fast and reliable internet access and the Cloud means that as a business owner or end user you can now access high quality, well priced phone systems which operate over your existing internet connection.

Evolution of Business Phones

Your Landline in the Cloud

Using the latest cloud and VoIP (Voice Over IP) technologies, Callwise gives you control of when and how your business calls are delivered to your office and your colleagues.

In addition to traditional features such as receptionist handsets, call transfer and holding calls, the Callwise system gives you access to many extras such as Home Working, Call Hunting, Call Queueing, Automatic Answering, Call Recording, Voicemail, Video Calling and more.

As well as having access to these features, you can view, configure and manage them yourself at the click of a button using a website login which gives you and your IT Support team direct visibility and access to your entire system.

Even adding new numbers is easy, you can instantly add any UK or US based landline to your office at the click of a button.

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Reliable Hardware and Software

The core Callwise software is based in the cloud and is delivered to your office, home or mobile using your internet connection. To maintain the professional look,  we also recommend and provide hardware for your office manufactured by leading brands such as Cisco, which have the ability to host conference calls and even video calls if you need them.

If you don’t need new hardware, Callwise can work with your existing hardware to ring your landline phones, or we can provide apps for your Android, iOS or Desktop devices.

Home Workers and Expansion

Callwise can make sure that you get all your calls, no matter where you are in the world! As you move between your home, office or another branch of your company, you can make sure that your phone calls will always reach you wherever you are. Office relocations and expansions are now so much easier – instead of having to disconnect and reconnect a whole system at great expense, you can simply unplug and move your phones; or if you are using an app, simply take the app with you wherever you go!

Flexible Management, Maximum Availability, Instant Supportability

You can manage all aspects of a Callwise phone system using a simple cloud login. Each member of your team can also have their own login which will let them view their phone extension details, including details of calls that they have made, call recordings of calls and configuration of their available hours and voicemail messages.

Your IT Support or Administration team are also able to view and manage all aspects of the system, giving you total and instant control of what happens when your business makes and receives calls. And of course, remote support is available if you want to free up your staff from managing your phone system.

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