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As more small businesses move their IT services to the cloud, IT support companies and individuals are often asked to recommend upgrade paths or alternatives to traditional landline and PBX based phone systems.

For many startup businesses this will be their first experience of any phone system and naturally, they tend to expect a product with the hallmarks of modern cloud and smartphone based software that they are used to.

Callwise has been developed as a result of years of experience in the e-commerce and Voice over IP (VoIP) industries. It provides a ready to use, flexible, cloud based VoIP platform for IT support companies and individuals to offer to their customers.

Callwise offers 3 flexible options to partner with IT Support companies.


Our reseller product makes it very simple to resell the Callwise system and receive a monthly revenue stream from each of your customers.

Callwise can look after all support and customer interactions, giving you time to sell more.

For more information on our Reseller option get in contact with us by either phone or email.


Your customers rely on the expertise your business gives them in areas of which they have little knowledge. Our Partner product is perfect for companies who want to provide their customers with a VoIP system that you manage fully for them.

Our Partner product gives you complete control of PBX management, including creating new PBXes, adding and removing users, full rate sheet generation and access to billing, reporting and provisioning tools.

White Label Access

The Callwise White Label option lets you apply your own branding on top of the Callwise platform and includes all features available in our Partner product.

This option allows Callwise to be wholly branded using your corporate colourways and domain names in order for you to be able to present a professional, self branded product to your customers and end users.

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Support Across the Board

No matter what level of access you have to the Callwise platform, you can hand off as much VoIP support function as you need to. With our support options, you can flexibly access first, second and third level support on a ‘per customer’ basis.

Full training is provided in the Callwise portal and support systems should you want to offer level 1 and 2 support yourself, with level 3 support provided by Callwise’s own in house VoIP experts.

If you would like an idea of just how much the Callwise system can do for you we encourage you to get in touch for a full feature list and demonstration.

Telecoms Made Easy

With all online based products, the end user expects to have access to a portal where they can manage all aspects of the product they are using. The Callwise phone system has a user friendly portal, fully accessible to yourself and every one of your customers.

Each customer can determine who and how their system will be managed. System administrators will have total control over all aspects of the system all at the click of a button and multiple sites can be managed from a central location.

Your customer’s team members can even be given their own logins which will let them view their phone extension details, including calls they have made, recordings of calls and configuration of their available hours and voicemail messages.

If you would like an idea of just how much the Callwise system can do for you we encourage you to get in touch for a full feature list and demonstration.

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