What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over IP. It means that your phone calls will be delivered to your office or business using your internet, WiFi or 4G connection instead of using traditional phone lines.Historically, a traditional system using phone lines was very restrictive and expensive as you needed to have individual wires installed directly to your premises. With VoIP you don’t need a phone line any more as you can harness your existing internet connection to run your phone system for you.

There is also no limit on the number of “lines” you can have coming into your building as they are all delivered over the internet, And there are also no limits on which area code your phone number has to be in. VoIP will even continue to work if you suffer from a power or internet outage in your premises. In fact, your premises can change as much as you need, simply plug your phones in wherever you happen to be in the world and you have direct access to your office phone system.

With VoIP you also get extra features that would typically be unavailable to most offices, such as call conferencing, call recording, automated answering systems, call queueing and visual voicemail systems. These features were traditionally very expensive to access, but with VoIP they are now available to everybody at low cost. In some ways, using a VoIP service for your phone system is very similar to using Netflix to watch TV and video content. Netflix (or any other video streaming service) is delivered directly over the internet to whichever device you happen to be using, and in whatever location you happen to be in. Likewise, VoIP will deliver your phone calls over the internet to your dedicated VoIP phone, your laptop, your mobile phone, and - just like Netflix, in whatever location you happen to be in.