Why does your business need a phone system?

In the age of the cloud, instant messaging systems, video calling and more, you may start to wonder at some point:

“Why does my business even need a phone system?”

The simple answer is that calling by telephone is still the most common way for any customer to get in touch with a business. The phone provides a simple, well understood way of communication that lets you talk directly to a human being, and any modern phone system should fit in unobtrusively into a 21st century cloud based workplace.

What should you be looking for when you consider a phone system for your business?
One of the first questions we need to ask is “what is a phone system?” Systems of yesteryear would require expensive individual phone lines to be installed, and these systems often came with large (and again, expensive!) boxes which needed to be installed and managed and would often come with restrictions on how many calls could be placed at the same time. 

No Restrictions
A modern internet based (or VoIP) phone system such as Callwise doesn’t have any of these restrictions. It can arrive directly into your premises over your existing internet connection, and will happily send your incoming calls to an individual deskphone, a computer or laptop, or even over WiFi and 4G to a mobile phone or tablet!

You are also no longer restricted to just having your phone system available in your office – a VoIP system will detect wherever you are in the world and will send your calls directly to your desk phone or device – all you need is an internet, WiFi or 4G connection!

Another major benefit to having your own phone system is control. The Callwise portal for example, will allow you to order numbers instantly whenever you need them. If you need a number in a new area code it can be yours within 5 minutes. Likewise a number in another country such as the USA, or even an 0800 number. 

Feature Rich – the professional look!
With all the features in a VoIP phone system, you can quickly and easily add a very  professional polish to your incoming calls. From automated answering systems, call queuing, hunt groups and more, you can decide quickly and easily how all your calls should be managed in the same portal, and even have access to features such as Visual Voicemail and Call Recording

Call Recording
Call Recording is another feature which a modern VoIP based phone system will bring to your business. Due to compliance or regulatory law this is a commonplace requirement for many customers. Being able to record calls accurately allows you to be in proper control of your own data and what is happening in your business.

In Summary
There are many other benefits to a modern phone system, but we think the ones listed above in particular go a long way to providing justification for having your own, or upgrading to a VoIP based phone system such as Callwise in 2020 and beyond.