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From 1 - 1000 end-user phone systems, our bespoke system caters to businesses of all shapes and sizes

No Contract

Simple, no nonsense month-by-month.

No Restrictions

On extension location.

Mobile VoIP

For on the go work

Having a modern business phone system no longer means expensive one-off hardware costs and huge monthly expense for multiple line rentals.

Cloud based platform

Using the latest cloud and VoIP (Voice Over IP) technologies, Callwise gives you control of when and how your business calls are delivered to your office and your colleagues.

No Hardware install

Callwise can work with your existing hardware to ring your landline phones, or we can provide apps for your Android, iOS or Desktop devices.

Pro features as Standard

Conferencing, IVRs, Hunt Groups, Call recording, Multi-user level administration, Phone provisioning. All as standard with Callwise.


Make sure that you get all your calls, no matter where you are in the world! As you move between your home or office, you can make sure that your phone calls will always reach you wherever you are.

VoIP Provider Comparison

Here is a list of our competitiors Standard/Basic plan features compared to
Callwise features than come as STANDARD on all plans

Ring Central Sipgate Callwise
Individual web portal login ✔ ✔
Unlimited free calls
between extensions
unknown ✔ ✔
Unlimited concurrent calling ✔ ✔ ✔
No restrictions
on extensions location
✔ ✔ ✔
Multiple 'call hunting' groups ✔
Time of day
based routing
Call Queues
Inbound Call Blocking ✔ ✔
Voicemails delivered as emails ✔ ✔ ✔
Voicemails transcribed to text ✔
All calls recorded ✔ ✔
Conference rooms ✔
DIDs from any country ✔ ✔
Call reporting ✔

The Callwise System

You can manage all aspects of a Callwise phone system using a simple cloud login. Each member of your team can also have their own login which will let them view their phone extension details, including details of calls that they have made, call recordings and configuration of their available hours and voicemail messages.

Each member of your team and your IT Support team are able to view and manage all aspects of the system, giving you and your support partners total control of what happens when your business makes and receives calls.

And of course, remote support is available if you want to free up your staff.

If you would like an idea of just how much the Callwise system can do for you we encourage you to get in touch for a full feature list and demonstration

Why Callwise

Based in the UK, the Callwise VoIP platform has been developed from scratch and is proudly developed and maintained within the UK.

We have created a unique and independent product which can be tailored to fit your business or startup needs and offered at a truly competitive price.

The heart of the Callwise Platform is a proven, large scale VoIP product which has been tried and tested over the past decade and in its latest evolution is offered to you as a complete office telephone system product.

With cloud deployment, an easy to access portal for each user, reporting tools for administrators and call recording throughout, Callwise gives your business access to a complete suite of software to enhance your business and give you the edge.

Interested in how we can help your business?

Our System Features

Every user on the system can log in and manage their own calls, extensions and call recordings.

All calls made between extensions on the system are free of charge.

There is no limit on the number of calls that can be made through the system at any one time.

Log into your SIP extension from wherever is most convenient for each user.

Accessible from web portal or directly from the phone handsets.

Configure as many hunt groups as you need to route your calls as efficiently as possible.

Block unwanted spam callers from calling your business.

If someone leaves a message if you do not answer their call we will ensure that you receive the details in a media file to the email address of your choosing.

Route inbound calls depending on the time of day, day of the week or even the weekend. Multiple time zone support is available too.

Prioritise calls from certain customers to route them to specific agents or queueing systems.

In the admin portal, you can record a new message and have it live on your system with the press of a button.

Allows you to disable the display of your caller ID

Give a professional edge with an automated answering system and route calls to the right team.

We can supply and host telephone numbers in 60+ countries.

Failure tolerant system is hosted in London and Amsterdam. Calls will continue to work inbound and outbound in the event of a failure.

The system allows you to divert calls to a telephone number of your choosing without giving the caller your details.

Our Happy Clients


“Having reviewed the market to replace our ageing, if functional, telephone system, we were put in contact with Callwise who suggested a completely new approach with a VOIP system.

The initial cost of the system was a fraction of the alternative proposals and was installed with the minimum of disruption, thereafter providing a very cost efficient operating arrangement.

The system is very flexible, and, indeed, as we all experience with modern technology, has so much functionality and variables, that I am sure we barely scratch the surface”

Andrew T
Hebblethwaites Accountants

“Mettrr Technologies have been using Callwise for over 3 years now and we have found them to be excellent.

Support tickets are always responded to quickly, they are on the cutting edge of innovation and always happy to work on unusual requests that require original solutions - highly recommended. ”

Max F
Mettrr Technologies

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