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What is VoIP?

In today’s modern world it's more important than ever that your communication methods are as flexible as you are.


Most people reading this will be doing so on their smartphone. Smartphones have really changed the way we live our lives. They've made the internet accessible and easy to use on the move, and much more. For most people, their smartphones are more important to them than any other device.


Once people switched to their smartphones they've never looked back. It's due to the flexibility and features that smartphones provide that means they're not just used for calling people anymore. VoIP, to your business communications, is what the smartphone is to your life.


The features and flexibility VoIP brings will change the way you do business, as well as how you communicate with your clients, as you will no longer be restricted by hardware. VoIP is software-based, which means, as long as you have a device that can connect to the internet, you can utilise VoIP.

So, we know that VoIP is great for business, but what actually is it? 


VoIP stands for 'Voice over Internet Protocol', which essentially means that instead of communicating with clients over a traditional landline, you communicate over the internet. As long as your device has access to the internet you have access to your command centre. Whether you and your staff are sat in the office or remote working is irrelevant, in terms of communication.


Being able to work remotely and ringing clients over the internet is all well and good; we're aware that there are apps available that let you do this, for free.


The truth is, this is only a very small aspect of VoIP. The true benefits come from the communication command centre that our software provides for your business.


From tracking who’s ringing you and when, to recording all your conversations; from HD Video calls and conference calls, to a virtual attendant system. There are so many features to our software. Once you start to use it, you'll wonder why everyone isn’t using this system.


This will only be because they don’t know about it! Once you've used our system, sharing your review will really help us generate more awareness of our software and enable us to help more businesses.


So, whether you're remote working, or you're taking an unlimited amount of phone calls at once, we know that our software will revolutionise the way you communicate with your clients. Our cost per user means we're incredibly inexpensive; we would be shocked if we weren't able to save you money compared to your traditional landline hardware.

Get in touch today to find out exactly how your business will benefit from our system.

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